Various Textured Finishes

The type of finish on a ring can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the piece. There are many different popular finish options, but all of them will eventually show signs of wear over time. The visual wear can take away from the beauty of the original design.

If you find that your engagement, wedding rings or other favorite pieces begin to look a little dull or worn, it may be time to bring them to get new again. At Lyght Jewelers our Master Bench Jewelers can restore whatever type of finish that was originally on the piece. We can even apply a new one to mix things up a bit if that's what you would prefer.

Process Overview

Whether you recently acquired an old family heirloom in need of some loving care or you want to restore the original shine to your bridal set, we have the skill and experience to make it new again! These are the general process we follow for each piece.

• The first step in any refinishing job is to identify the original texture used on the piece so that we can match it.

• Before applying a new finish, we'll clean the piece thoroughly to ensure that there is no other damage that needs to be addressed and to make it easier to apply the finish properly.

• We'll then add the finish that was originally present or an alternate one that you specify.

• Finally, we'll re-plate the piece if necessary, and polish it to restore it to brand new condition.

Types of Finishes

There are several types of finishes generally used on jewelry, and we can restore any of them. The most common of these include a high polish, brushed, hammered, wire brushed, and sandblasted.

We can also change the type of finish on a piece, whether the original one is worn down or not. If you're looking to create a different aesthetic on a piece or help make it better reflect your personal style, changing the finish can really help.

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