Re-Shank Rings

Any ring that's worn for long enough will eventually wear thin, particularly on the lower part of the band, or shank. Whether it's your engagement ring or a family heirloom that you have worn every day for 30 years, you want to make sure it is secure and has the integrity to last another 30 more. When a ring thins you may be in danger of losing gemstones or having the ring break completely. We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that any repair we do brings your ring back to brand new condition or better!

Fortunately, at Lyght Jewelers our Master Bench Jewelers have the ability to re-shank your ring and restore your ring back to new condition. We use state of the art tools and coupled with the decades of experience, ensures that the restoration quality of our work is second to none.

Process Overview

Re-shanking a ring is a process that involves removing the old metal, inserting a new section, and finishing it to a seamless repair. Here are the steps we follow in general for each re-shanking job.

• The first step is to identify the area that are the most worn and remove the piece.

• Next, we'll select the appropriate metal in karat and color. Then fabricate a piece to fit in your ring.

• We'll shape and attach the new section of the shank, smoothing the connections to ensure a seamless appearance once the process is complete.

• Finally, we'll confirm that all gemstones are secure in their settings, and we'll polish the piece to look like new again.

Types of Shank Replacement

In general, we perform either half or full shank replacements. The type of replacement you need will depend on the extent of the wear, remaining material, and how far it extends up towards the top of the ring.

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