Soldering Rings Together

Once the special day comes and you put on your wedding and engagement rings, you'll probably never want to take them off. Many sets are designed to match each other's contours and nest. Sometimes even though they nest they will still spin on your finger.

This means you may be constantly straightening your wedding band to make it line up with your engagement ring. This can lead to excess wear on the band from the friction caused by constant spinning. Fortunately at Lyght Jewelers, our Master Bench Jewelers can solder your rings together so they stay lined up but still maintain the appearance of a set.

Process Overview

Depending on the particulars of the rings you want soldered together, we'll take special precautions to avoid damaging any gemstones or other delicate features present. This is the general process we follow.

• The first thing we do on this type of job is to surgically clean the pieces and check the tightness of the gemstones under microscope.

• Next, we'll line up both bands to make sure they're perfectly level, using a temporary wire to hold them in place.

• Once they're aligned we solder the rings together without impacting any of the other design elements in either piece.

• Finally, we'll check gemstone tightness again, and we'll refinish and polish your rings to get them back to new condition.

Why Soldering?

Not everyone chooses to have their wedding set or other rings soldered together, but there are several advantages to going this route. For instance, you won't have to worry about either ring spinning on your finger, so you can be sure they're always perfectly lined up. And since you likely wouldn't ever wear one of these rings without the other, there's really no reason not to attach them.


No matter what type of finish is on your rings, we can restore it once we've finished soldering them together.  We can also put a new type of finish on your rings if you're looking to change up the appearance or style of the set. Our Master Bench Jewelers will make recommendations if you'd like based on the particulars of your pieces. We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that any repair we do brings your ring back to brand new condition or better!

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