Diamond Repair and Polishing

Diamonds are the centerpieces of many types of jewelry, and they are frequently used as solitaires in engagement rings.  After loving daily wear, many diamonds can be damaged as we go about our daily routines. While diamonds are the hardest gemstone in the world, they are not the toughest and are still susceptible to damage. Fortunately, our skilled master bench jewelers can repair just about anything. We repair or restore anything from a minor chip to a larger fracture, and we'll return your diamond to you looking just like new.

Process Overview

In order to ensure the best possible outcome for all diamond repairs, we follow the same set of general steps every time. However, because every diamond is unique, we also pay careful attention to the individual details of each piece.

• The first step when we take in any diamond repair job is to inspect the diamond under the microscope and show you on our high definition TV to evaluate the damage. 
• Next, we'll resurface the damaged area by sanding away layers evenly across the entire stone to restore its original shape. 
• Finally, when all evidence of damage has been eliminated, we'll re-polish the diamond so that it sparkles like new.

Types of Damage

There are several different ways diamonds can get chipped, cracked, or damaged. The type of damage done to the diamond will impact how we go about repairing it. For example, a small chip or crack may be eliminated with just a good polish, but a larger chip will require some cutting to create a new, chip-free edge.

If you have a larger area of damage, don't despair. Our experts can often simply recommend a different shape to cut the diamond into in order to let its brilliance shine through and eliminate the damage while preserving as much material as possible.

Styles and Cuts

Damage is not the only reason you may want your diamond reshaped. For instance, you may have inherited an older family diamond and want to update its cut to give it a more modern or brilliant look. But no matter how or why you need your diamond cut, our expert master bench jewelers are up to the task.

We can cut your diamond to any shape desired. Our heightened Lyght standards ensure that the diamond we return to you will look better than new!  Additionally, we will show you your laser inscription or natural stone inclusions so you can be assured that it is, indeed, your personal stone being returned to you.  With our experts on the job, your stone will get the best possible attention and shape, no matter what type of damage it has sustained.

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