Diamond and Gemstone Replacement

The best part about beautiful jewelry is the daily enjoyment one gets from wearing it. Over time jewelry is subjected to all kinds of wear and tear that can cause damage and take away from it's original beauty . Fortunately, at Lyght Jewelers our expert master bench jewelers can perform any type of fine jewelry repair, including diamond and gemstone replacement. Whether the stone is damaged or missing, we can find a perfect replacement and bring your piece back to it's original beauty you fell in love with!


Before - Diamond Replacement After - Diamond Replacement

Process Overview

Putting in a new diamond or gemstone properly into older jewelry requires decades of experience working with older alloys and a high level of expertise. Our master bench jewelers have both of these in abundance. While each piece of jewelry involves a unique set of considerations, they follow along a general set of steps.

• First, we clean the piece to remove any lotions, oils, etc and make it surgically clean to check for any additional damage that needs attention or repair. This is all done under microscope to ensure that everything is fixed on your piece the first time.

• Next, we match up the diamond or gemstone in color, cut, clarity, and size to the other stones in the piece. We want the new diamonds or gemstones to blend in seamlessly.

• We then reset the diamond or gemstone exactly the same way the old one was.

• Finally, we repair any prongs, bead settings or any other part of the piece to ensure the new diamond or gemstone is properly set.


Matching Stones

It is essential that all the diamonds or gemstones we use match the existing stones in your piece in cut, clarity, color, and brilliance. If the new stones are not matched properly, they have a tendency to stick out and reveal that the piece had a poorly done repair. Fortunately, our expert master bench jeweler is also a graduate gemologist. This knowledge and experience gives us the ability to accurately scrutinize every diamond or gemstone used in the replacement process. Lyght Jewelers guarantees that the stones we use for your jewelry will restore it to its original appearance.


Resetting diamonds and gemstones can impact other parts of the piece, therefore requiring some additional repair to the setting. This is why we completely refinish and renew the beauty in each jewelry item as part of our diamond and gemstone replacement process. It is our guarantee that every jewelry piece that Lyght Jewelers works on leaves our store in new condition. 

Diamond and gemstone replacement projects can vary widely in their difficulty, but you can be assured our skilled master bench jewelers have the ability and knowledge to get the job completed right the first time. We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that any repair we do brings your ring back to brand new condition or better!

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