Jump Ring Replacement

Jump rings are used in all kinds of jewelry, and they can serve a variety of purposes. The thinning out from wear and tear can cause trouble with one or more of the jump rings in a piece. At Lyght Jewelers our Master Bench Jewelers can repair or replace them for you and return your piece back to new condition. Don't throw away a piece if you can repair it to new again.

Process Overview

To ensure that your piece gets the best possible care and attention, our Master Bench Jewelers inspect all aspects of each item under microscope connected to a HDTV. Here are the general steps we follow to diagnose and fix the problem.

• The first thing we do for all jump ring replacement jobs is to inspect the entire piece to make sure there are no additional problem areas.

• Next, we'll close the loop tight by bringing both ends together and solder the loop permanently shut.

• Finally, we'll refinish and polish the piece to new condition!

All Metals and Colors

We can replace jump rings in all colors and made from any type of precious metal. No matter what your piece is made of or how it's finished, we'll identify the exact match and then use that to complete the repair. It's important that all jump ring connections be secure, so as soon as you notice a possible issue, it's a good idea to bring it to us for repair or replacement.

Finishing Touches

Once we've repaired all connections and ensured the security of your piece, we'll put on the finishing touches to make your jump ring like new. This includes applying texture or polish as needed so that there's no apparent difference between the original and replacement pieces. We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that any repair we do brings your ring back to brand new condition or better!

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