Clasp Repair and Replacement

Your favorite pieces of jewelry get worn a lot. That's why you bought them, after all!  After years of wear, damage will become apparent on certain areas of the piece. The clasps on necklaces and bracelets in particular are quite susceptible to this because they are the most used. It is very common for them to require repair or replacement at some point.

Process Overview

Whether your clasp is seems less secure than it used to be, or is completely broken, our experts at Lyght Jewelers can help. We evaluate every piece individually under microscope. Here are the general steps taken for clasp repair or replacement.

• As with most of our repair jobs, the first step we take is to clean and inspect the entire piece under microscope to see what damage exists and if there are any other issues that need to be addressed.
• Next, we'll evaluate whether to repair the clasp or completely replace it, give you a quote, then complete the work to the highest standards.
• We'll also check the hoops and/or jump rings that connect the clasp to make sure that they have the structural integrity needed for the repair.
• Finally, we polish your piece and make it brand new again!

Repair or Replace

We'll always repair an existing clasp if possible as long as it won't risk compromising the piece. Our experts at Lyght Jewelers can evaluate the amount of damage and wear the clasp has sustained over time. This evaluation will determine whether a repair to the existing clasp will restore proper function or if a replacement is necessary. We will also check the entire piece to ensure there's no damage anywhere else on the piece that requires attention.

Checking Connections

Regardless of whether we repair the clasp or replace it, we'll always check any surrounding links and connections to ensure they're strong enough to keep your piece secure. 

Finishing Touches

As we do with all fine jewelry restoration jobs, we refinish, re-plate if necessary, and polish it new again! At Lyght Jewelers our professional jewelers can restore any type of finish! Come in to find out the range of services we offer to keep your fine jewelry looking its best! We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee that any repair we do brings your piece back to brand new condition or better!

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