Jewelry Refinishing & Restoration

No matter what type of repairs or services you need, our master bench jeweler has decades of experience and mastery to get the job done perfectly. At Lyght Jewelers we have the latest technology and equipment on hand, so we always provide the best possible care for your most treasured items.

Whether you have 20 years of wear on your wedding band, or you have the family heirloom that you'd like to bring into the 21st century, our experts are here to make your pieces shine again. No project is too small or complicated. We complete every single jewelry refinishing project to a new factory lustre. 


Before - Jewelry Refinishing After - Jewelry Refinishing

Process Overview

Jewelry refinishing is a multi-step process carried out by one of our professional master bench jewelers. It involves a wide variety of steps and techniques, depending on the current state of the piece and it's intricacies. We always take care to follow the same aesthetic that each individual piece presents.

• The first step is a complete visual inspection and diagnosis of the piece under a microscope. The microscope is connected to a high definition camera and TV so you can see exactly what our expert jeweler sees. This allows you to visualize everything  that needs to be refinished first hand.

• Moving forward in refinishing any piece of jewelry, we check and tighten all gemstones that may have loosened over time.

• If engraving is present, we refresh and restore it to new.

• Next, we re-polish or re-texture the piece to get it back to its original appearance.

 • Finally, if the item is white gold or plated silver, we re-plate the items to their original presentation or to a new fresh color chosen by you.


Preserving Original/Fine Details

Our skilled master bench jeweler has expertise working on every type of fine jewelry imaginable.  This means we can restore almost any piece to it's original presentation. This includes recreating the patina, rebuilding settings, adding reinforcement or any other custom metal work that may be required. We will always give our professional opinion and recommend the optimal way to proceed. 

We take great pride in offering the widest range of jewelry repair services.  Having all of your pieces looking their best is of most importance to us. Our team of master bench jewelers knows how to get your jewelry back to its original magnificence.


Gemstone Considerations

At Lyght Fine Art & Jewelry we take great care to protect any heat sensitive or delicate gemstones in your jewelry piece while we are working on it. Gemstones like tanzanite, pearls, opals and emeralds can easily be damaged if not properly handled during the refinishing process. This is where our experience and attention to detail puts our level of refinishing and restoration above all the rest.  When working with heat sensitive settings, we utilize laser welding technology to minimize any possible damage or breakage. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee that any repair we do brings your jewelry back to brand new condition or better!

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