The Most Brilliant Diamond



A Diamonds sparkle or brilliance is the most-desired requirements for an diamond engagement ring. A diamond’s breathtaking light show is the main reason we love this gem. The Lyght Diamonds are selected to be the Most Brilliant diamond cut on the market. It is truly an amazing ideal cut stone to give you the most light return and fantastic eye catching a diamond! Let's find out why!!!

What Makes the Lyght Diamond® Sparkle more than others?

The short answer: light’s interaction with a diamond's cut. The type and quality of the cut govern how a diamond reacts to the light around it. The angles and relative measurements of a diamond’s facets, as well as its other proportions, have a dramatic effect on how light performs when it strikes a diamond. We only select the best cut diamonds to become a certified Lyght Diamond®!

When light enters a diamond, it travels through it, reflecting off its interior surfaces, called facets. It then either leaves the diamond as white light, called brightness, or it divides into the spectral colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, called fire. The Lyght Diamond has the most Fire and has more than any other diamonds! Come see the most brilliant diamonds in person today!

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