The Story of Lyght

Lyght's story began as an idea formed in 2015, by founder Justin Pacult. His brother, Darren, had been a jeweler for over 20 years. Justin realized that Darren wasn't allowed to show his true talent and creativity by working for another jeweler, and that it was time for him to showcase his talents for the world to see. So they decided to start up their own company. They made a list of ideas to answer the one question that would help them name their new company: What makes jewelry and art beautiful? 

  • Dynamic design
  • Quality and artistic workmanship
  • Unique materials
  • Breath-taking diamonds and gemstones
  • Brought together by an artisan
  • Finally, the essence of what brings all of these elements together...LIGHT!

Light is the very source that makes art vibrant and jewelry fine and shine. Knowing that this name was already taken by other businesses, Justin and Darren took their inspiration and created Lyght. 

Justin convinced Darren to move from Naples, FL to Henderson, NV and they got to work. They travel across America, participating in fine art shows throughout the states, and they began this online store in 2016. As they continued to do art shows across the country, Justin noticed that many of Darren's fellow artists did not have the time, platform, or the means to display their work online. So Lyght has now become the best and first online fine art and jewelry gallery. All artist's work is hand selected and vetted to ensure that these works are original and from from the artists themselves. No buy and sell items are allowed on Lyght. So you are rest assured to have a piece of work from a true artisan.  Here are their bios:

Justin Pacult bioHi, I'm Justin Pacult. I received my Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin. I have practiced as a pharmacist for the past 11 years and I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. I started my own pharmacy, VitaLife Rx Pharmacy, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and ran it successfully for five years. After selling that business, I started a new chapter in my life. I relocated to Henderson, Nevada, where I practiced pharmacy until I took this leap and founded Lyght. As a child I was always fascinated by gemstones and jewelry, and my mother even bought me a faceting machine. My interest in jewelry continued on, through my brother's choice of profession and into adulthood. By launching, I'm so excited that I get to pursue this endeavor and bring Lyght into your reality.

Darren Kensington Hi, I'm Darren Kensington. I have over 21 years at the bench as a custom jeweler. I have traveled the world to find exquisite gemstones and to find inspiration for my designs. Every piece that you purchase from Lyght, contains a piece of my soul in its design. In 1995, at the age of 20, I started as a custom jeweler in Madison, Wisconsin. I then relocated to Naples, Florida to work on some of the most beautiful pieces of art. After several years in Naples I needed a change, and having always loved the mountains, I packed my bags and moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I then began to work the art show circuit and continued to refine my skills. After years in Colorado, I moved back to Naples for another couple of years, where I remained until my brother convinced me to mainstream my talents, and start a new business in Nevada. I have won over 56 awards and been on four magazine covers for my jewelry designs. I have been featured in many art galleries around the U.S., including the Artist Collection in Edwards, Colorado. I provide the highest quality and the most unique designs in the industry. We look forward to bringing your dream of beautiful, unique and American-made to life!

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